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The Carroll County Observer (CCO) is a news resource for residents in Carroll County, Maryland. This entity will report on a number of topics primarily related to Carroll County but from time to time statewide items and other items of interest.

CCO is listed in Google News. You can follow updates here:

CCO is listed in the Top 15 Maryland News Websites (via Feedspot):

Scott Ewart (previously of Scott E’s Blog) is the owner and primary operator of the Carroll County Observer. Learn more about Scott HERE.

Other local residents may also submit articles or content occasionally.

Additional details to be provided as this entity moves forward.

About Scott E’s Blog: Scott E’s Blog site ( covered Carroll County and Howard County local news, local politics, local sports articles and useful technology information for the readers from January 2014 to March 2022. Scott E’s Blog was awarded Best Blog in Howard County 3 times (2019, 2020 and 2021 from Howard Magazine / Howard County Times). The Blog site was converted to an “Archive Site” in April 2022.

Here are the year by year total number of page views breakdown for Scott E’s Blog:

2014: 18,948 views
2015: 26,631 views
2016: 38,547 views
2017: 52,937 views
2018: 127,900 (old site) + 69,467 (new site): 197,367 views
2019: 519,463 views
2020: 1,220,921 views
2021: 1,170,680 views
2022: 160,844 views (January – March)